Q. Are you still making porn?

A. Yes, thank you for supporting me while I took a little break! I love making awesome porn and I am filming and taking custom video requests again!

Q. Do you make custom videos?

A. Yes, I am only making customs videos directly through me. Not through any of my porn stores. For more information: Custom Videos

Q. Are you still sending out custom orders (loads of poop, dirty panties, etc)?

A. Yes, I am sending out custom content again! Buy My Shit! I quit because it's no fun working with rude, picky, demanding customers! Please be patient and understanding when you order! I'm a real person and I do have a life outside of my porn work! Thanks!

Q. Do you offer Skype Shows or any way to see you live on cam?

A. Sorry, no. I'm just too busy to offer camming options. And I greatly prefer making prerecorded videos.

Q. Will you be working with Scat Goddess Amanda or other models again?

A. Nope, I don't live near Amanda anymore! And I will only be making solo videos now.

Q. Do you have Snapchat?

A. Yes, order my Snapchat here: Snapchat

Q. Do you offer sessions or meet fans?

A. Nope, Sorry! My safety is too important to me to meet with fans.

Q. Can we be friends?

A. Unfortunately, I just don't have time to talk to every fan for free. I am a very busy girl! If you'd like, you can order my snapchat or tip me to buy my time and attention. Thank you for your understanding!

Q. Can you make videos with other people?

A. Nope, I'm only making solo videos now.

Q. How did you get into scat?

A. I made an entire video to answer that question: https://www.scatshop.com/shop/poop-videos/how-i-got-into-scat/

And the new version here: https://www.scatshop.com/shop/efro/beginning-scat-fetish/

Q. Can I be your toilet slave?

A. Nope, I don't need any toilet slaves. There are tons of models who offer toilet slavery sessions. I am not one of them..

Q. How do I get my partner into scat?

A. I made an entire video to answer that question: https://www.scatshop.com/shop/smearing/how-to-get-your-girl-into-scat/


Q. Do you have any tips or tricks on how to get into scat play?

A. I have several instructional video up for sale in my scatshop store! They will definitely help! Here is a link to my Scat Coaching videos: https://www.scatshop.com/shop/smearing/scat-coaching-all/


Q. What does your poop taste like?

A. Check out this video to find out: https://www.scatshop.com/shop/scat/poop-tastes-like/

Q. Is it safe to put poop in your pussy?

A. Probably not... Check out this video where I discuss that: https://www.scatshop.com/shop/smearing/putting-shit-pussy/

Q. What do your farts smell like?

A. Check this video out: https://www.scatshop.com/shop/farting/discussing-my-farts/

Q.What is the best place to buy your videos?

A. Buying directly from me is always the best! Stores like scatshop and clips4sale take a percentage of my income. So if you can please always order from me!  Thanks!

Thank you so much to all of my amazing fans and everyone who has ever bought any of my videos! You are the reason I love making and sharing my porn!