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Fresh Delicious Poop

One Load: $99
Two Loads: $149
+ Add a short 2 min video of me pooping out your load: $20
Add Custom Video
I will do my best to send you the type/texture/size of poop that you crave. But please note that I cannot control my poop! If you want a HUGE load please buy two loads. I don't eat anything special. 

Sexy Panties

Worn: $39
Orgasmed In: $39
Peed In: $39
Skidmarks: $49
With a Load of Poop: $119
+ Add a short video of me wearing the panties for $20

Fun Extras

Pee: $49
Socks: $24
Diapers: $99 - $199





Payment Options

Always FREE two day US shipping!
Sorry, no international shipping!
Each package gets a special little thank you from me!
All packages are properly sealed to preserve freshness and keep the smells in!

Email me to order!


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