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Let me make your fantasy a reality!

I specialize in extreme and taboo fetishes as well as sweet, sexy videos. 

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Basic Customs: $99

Extreme Customs: $149+

Exclusive Basic Customs: $149

Extreme Exclusive Customs: $199+

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Extra Clean Up Time: $10

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Buy the Poop In Your Video: $89

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How To Order A Custom Video

Do you have a script or a specific action you'd like me to do? Do you have a secret fantasy you'd like to see? Awesome! Having a script or specifics is the first step! I will not come up with a script for you. You need to know what you want to see. I can help you with the practicalities but I will not be giving free masturbation material. Having specific details are very helpful for me. I'm excellent at taking an idea and running with it to make an amazing video. However, if you get too detailed (writing out every step or every word you'd like me to say) it gets dry and the video isn't as fun for me to make.

Once you have a script or video idea, make sure you are ready to order before you contact me! If you can't pay until next Friday, don't message me until next Friday. All videos will cost at least $99. So please be prepared to pay at least this when you contact me. Please don't waste my time when you have no intention of ordering a video. This happens all too often and it's quite frustrating.

I do not watch the clock when I film. I feel that it's more important for me to enjoy myself and make a great video than make sure it's exactly 10 minutes. Some videos come out to be 10 minutes, others over a half hour. It really just depends on the script.

The next step is paying with one of the methods I use for payment. Please don't ask me to use a different method. I have researched these and they all work great for me and accept sex work.

It takes me about one week to make, edit, and send a custom video. I have a day job which takes up a lot of my time. I will do my best to keep you updated but feel free to check up on me.

Once the video is done, I will send it to you. I usually use to email you a download link. If you'd prefer, I can upload it to my google drive so you can stream the video.

And the last step, the enjoy your amazing new custom video! :)

Custom Video FAQ

Q. Are you going to upload my video to your public stores?

A. Yes, unless you specifically ask me not to, you want me to use your name in the video, or your video to too extreme or taboo for my stores. I charge $49 more to keep a video private.

Q. Can I get a discount?

A. No. I don't do discounts and it's pretty insulting to ask.

Q. Will you just send me the video unedited?

A. No. I edit all my videos and add my watermark to everything that I send out.

Q. Can I pay using a different method?

A. No, I've researched these options and they work for me. Other options have specifically stated that it's against their TOU to use them for sex work. 

Q. Do you have any limits or things you won't do?

A. Yes, I don't do anything illegal (that includes real animal and incest play) or anything that makes me feel like an asshole (destroying clothes/property of others, doing extremely public acts).

Q. Do you really enjoy making porn?

A. Yes! I really do love doing this! I do my best to put everything I can into making a truly amazing video for you. One that you will cherish and enjoy forever! :)