I’m incontinent. It’s not any fun! I have to wear diapers all the time. After having so many horrible accidents I started wearing diapers so I don’t ruin my clothes or have poop running down my legs. Listen to me tell you all about how humiliating it is to be incontinent. I tell you what it’s like to have to wear diapers everywhere. I even tell you a story about how I had a horrible accident at a family dinner!

As I’m talking to you I feel my belly start to cramp! Oh god! It’s happening now! I’m losing control of my bowels! I’m pooping! I’m pushing out a filthy, nasty mess into my diaper! It’s so embarrassing! It’s so degrading! I hate being incontinent!

Look! Look at this disgusting poopy mess in my diaper! It’s smeared all over my butt! All up my ass crack and on my butt cheeks! Ewww! It stinks so bad! Being incontinent is so horrible! I hate not having control of my own bowels!


Being Incontinent

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