I know everything about you. I know your name, your address. I know where you work and all the names of your coworkers. I know everyone in your family. I even know about your girlfriend. I know so much! I know that you're a pervert. I know you get off watching girls poop. You love scat porn! I will tell everyone how nasty and perverted you are! I'll tell your family, your boss, all your coworkers. I'll even tell your girlfriend!

Do you want me to keep this information private? I will. But first you have to do something for me. First you have to eat my shit! If you eat this huge pile of wet shit then I won't tell everyone what as nasty perv you are. I won't tell them how you masturbate to girls pooping. 

You have to eat all of this shit! Look at it! it's so gross! It smells so nasty. But you like that don't you? You get off on the smell of shit. We'll see if you enjoy this! We'll see if eating a huge plate of shit turns you on. Get to eating! You have a long way to go. You will eat all of this shit! Eat it all or I tell everyone what a pervert you are!


Blackmailed Into Eating My Shit!

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