I'm a nasty diarrhea diaper girl! I was hanging out at home just chilling when I felt this horrible cramping in my belly! And then all of a sudden I was pooping! A nasty, wet disgusting load of diarrhea came busting out of my ass! Luckily I am wearing a diaper! What a horrible mess it would have been if I wasn't! I can't believe what a smelly mess I just made! There's gross, sticky poop all in my diaper! It stinks so bad! I'm such a filthy diaper girl!

I secretly kind of like it though... Is that messed up? It makes my pussy wet to feel this smelly, warm poop in my diaper. It makes me want to touch myself. It makes me want to reach my hand down into my diaper and rub my horny pussy! I want to smear my filth all over my diaper and all over my ass! Watch me sit down in my mess! Watch me rub it all over my ass and diaper! I love being a nasty diarrhea diaper girl!

Do you want to see how nasty and dirty my ass is? Do you want to see my diarrhea mess smeared all over? I'll show you! I show you my filthy diaper ass!


Diarrhea Diaper Girl

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