Hi lil bro! You're a stinky little baby aren't you? Do you have a stinky mess in your diaper? I'll change it for you, but you have to promise not to tell Mommy! She doesn't like it when I change you. She says I enjoy it too much. I can't help it lil bro! It's just so much fun to change your stinkies! I like the smell and I like how your little pee pee gets so hard when I wipe you and clean you all up. 

I know you enjoy it when I change you too. You especially like it when I talk dirty to you and tell you what a dirty boy you are. And you seem to really like it when I put your little pee pee in my mouth! You're the best little bro ever! Time to change your dirty diaper and have some filthy fun!


Don't Tell Mommy - Sis Diaper Change

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