Look what I have! These are suppository laxatives! I push them up into my butt and they make me lose control of my bowels! They’ll make me shit so bad! I already pushed out a nice big load today so I wonder how much shit these will make me push out!

Hmm… I wonder how many I should put in my ass. They feel so good sliding into my shit hole. I push three suppositories into my ass and then read the directions. Oops! I was only supposed to put in one! Well, another one can’t hurt at this point!

I’ve stuffed my ass full of four suppository laxatives! Now I wait for them to work!

It’s been an hour and I need to shit now! I need to shit so bad! Oh wow! These laxatives really work! I can’t control myself! I need to push my shit out now! Ewww! Look at that nasty, wet poop bursting out of my butt! There’s the suppositories too! I can’t stop pushing. There’s no more poop in my ass but I still feel this desperate need to push! I think four suppositories was too many!


Extreme Suppository Laxative Desperation!

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